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 50% Off, Now $399

50% Off, Now $475

45% Off, Now $225

Under Sink $235

Counter Top $299

Faucet RO $124

Counter Top $199
GE Merlin POU Reverse Osmosis System
Light Commercial $599


Faucet Upgrade

Faucet 905 Series Chrome

Faucet 888 Series - Satin Chrome

Faucet 703 Series Nickel Brush

Faucet GKD01 Dual Hot/Cold/Filter


Other Reverse Osmosis Units
Unit sits on top of the sink counter.  It is a 4 stage system. 1.25 Gallon tank, capacity is 35 GPD.  It has an overflow monitor which plugs into a power outlet and uses very little power. 
Filter Replacement Cost: $70/year average
Now:  $299
Faucet RO
This RO is simple to use, and just hook up to any standard faucet.
Now: $125
RO-Travel Kit Or Demo
Three stage RO system, 100 GPD capacity, for travel or demo
Now $199
Four stage reverse osmosis system for under sink, comes with faucet and everything you need for installation. 
Now $235


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