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Leads in water; CBCnews
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Premium Reverse Osmosis System
RO-Springwater 5-Stage uses one of the highest purification processes where it forces water through a TFC membrane to give you pure drinking water. The TFC membrane is very high tech and it blocks close to 99.9% of contaminants found in city tap water. Giving you and your family pure drinking water.


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A Healthy Lifestyle
Now your family can drink more water. 70% of our body is water and health expert recommends 7 glasses of water everyday. Many are dehydrated without themselves knowing. Why? The simple reason is because tap water is contains so much contaminants and soft drink is unhealthy. Now you can have the best drinking water right at your home. You will drink more and drink Healthy.

Coffee and Tea

Are you a big coffee and tea lover? If you say yes, then this water is worth gold to you. It will bring out all the natural wonder of your coffee and tea. You will Love it

Big Savings and Good-bye to Costly Bottled Water

For less than 25 Cent per day, you get unlimited pure drinking water right in your home for cooking, drinking, coffee, ice, baby-formula, making salad, and enough water for your expensive aquarium.

Average household spends $900 on bottled water, now it only cost you
less than 25 Cents/day...less than a cup of coffee

Super Affordable

Only 25 Cents/day, this is super affordable.

Worry Free

Maintenance free and last for the next ten years, no moving parts, easy filter change with our filter key.

Reverse Osmosis 5-Stages Filtration
1. Sediment (RO5um) replacement
2. GAC Filter (GAC10) replacement
3. Sediment (RO5um) replacement
4. TFC Membrane 35 Gallon Per Day
5. Polishing filter (POST20)
6. Water Tank 4 Gallon ** large capacity

Filter Replacement
RO5um every 12 months = $3.99
GAC every 12 months = $25.50
RO5um 1 every 12 months = $3.99
MEM35 every 2-3 years = $75
POST20 every 2 year=$25
** universal size components and filter are available at everywhere

Premium Warranty
Extensive 1st years warranty against manufacturing defects. ( excluding consumable filters). Call customer hotline (416) 618-3532,or visit our Toronto-Pickering location.

Easy to Install
System fully assembled, comes with faucet and water tank. Complete do-it-yourself kits including tubing, needle valve clamp to hook up to water pipe, filters, filter replacement key. Instructions manual. No plumbing needed. Put unit under the kitchen sink or in basement. This system can also provide water for your refrigerator.

Compact Size
Fit under any sink or put in the basement. Water tank is only the size of a basketball, and the main unit width is a length of a 350ml coke can. The main unit can be hung on the side.

Installation services is available to customers within the GTA area for only $69.

SAVE $153+ When Order in Canada vs. USA
Order from USA, you pay extra $55 delivery fee
Order from USA, you pay $50 brokerage fee to clear custom
Order from USA with credit card, you pay the extra 2% spread. Approximately $8

We Beat the Competition Every Time
Retail Store Price: $$409
Now: $225 Limited time only!


This RO system is a plug and play connection. You can easily unplug and move it to your new home.

500 Contaminants

A must have system. There are more than 500 contaminants in tap water. Some bottled-water can no longer be trusted because the plastic chemical releases into the water. There is lead and mercury all over the tap water. CBCnews just released a story how the Montreal water lead contaminated and warned pregnant woman and children under 6 years old to not drink tap water.


Questions and Contact
 If you have questions, please call 416-618-3532


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